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  1. Gatco - Edgemate Diamond Knife Sharpening System - 10004 - accessori coltelli

    Gatco Sharpening Kit professional American company that enables even the less experienced of affiare perfectly smooth or serrated blades in a very short time without the possibility of error.

    The kit includes a chuck T thanks to which you can safely block the blade to be sharpened and keep under control the angle of the wire using the various holes at different distances depending on the angle to maintain (patented Gatco). The three stones are of three diamond grits: fine (pink), medium (green) and large (orange). There is also a special ceramic stone triangular (medium blue) to sharpen serrated blades or partially serrated and a vial of 60ml of synthetic oil formulated for the task of sharpening. Everything is contained in a box of ABS with the following sizes: 24x16, 5x4 cm.

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  2. Gatco - Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System - accessori coltelli

    Kit di affilatura professionale dell'americana Gatco che permette, anche ai meno esperti, di affiare perfettamente lame seghettate o lisce in brevissimo tempo senza possibilità di errore.

    Il kit è composto da una morsa per coltelli che permette di tenere sempre sotto controllo l'angolazione del filo, uno specifico olio sintetico per affilatura, quattro pietre grana estra gross, grossa, media e fine ed una speciale pietra ceramica triangolare per affilare le lame seghettate o parzialmente seghettate.
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