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Lord of the Rings - Anello di Aragorn 21mm 703.21.75 - Il Signore degli Anelli

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Also known as the ring of Barahir.

Originally it was given to Barahir by Finrod Felagund as a reward for saving his life in Dagor Bragollach. From generation to generation came into the hands of the line of Isildur, and then Aragorn.

The ring, depicting two snakes, is produced in metal covered with a hypoallergenic silver swarovski emerald green stone set in the middle.

Inner diameter of 21 mm.

Is accompanied by a package composed of a treasure chest hardcover depicting the image of "Middle Earth", a velvet bag with the company logo, "The Lord of The Rings" and a certificate that guarantees its authenticity.

It 'an officially licensed product accompanied by New Line Cinema.

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Lord of the Rings, Anello di Aragorn 21mm

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  • Lord of the Rings, Anello di Aragorn 21mm
  • Lord of the Rings, Anello di Aragorn 21mm


Marke Lord of the Rings
Artikel 4511
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