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Key-Bar - Titanium Carabiner Keyrabiner - Key-Bar Accessory


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Original Key-Bar accessory made entirely of titanium and 4.5cm long, it has the carabiner functions to hang your own Key-Bar to passacinture, zip or laces. To be used in your own Key-Bar
The philosophy behind the Key-Bar is simple and the result of a necessity: carry your keys daily in your pocket without them making noise and moving anywhere creating discomfort.

Then enter the stage of the creativity and inventiveness of Michael Taylor who, after many hours of research and prototyping in his small workshop in Savannah, USA, invented Key-Bar. A small rigid keychain, configurable at will, which allows the keys to always be in order, not to emit noise during transport and to be easily anchored inside your pocket or attached to the belt.

The development of Key-Bar is only just beginning, but its potential is enormous. In fact, it is possible to separately purchase additional accessories to be inserted together with the keys that allow you to create a small multi-purpose tool ready for any eventuality every day!

No special tools are required to assemble and configure your Key-Bar; all the handles are made of solid material and CNC workbenches and then finished by hand.

Each Key-Bar is made of non-ferrous materials, while the screws are made of stainless steel, in order to guarantee maximum hygiene and extremely easy cleaning and maintenance.

Patented and entirely made in Savannah, USA

The Collini Cutlery by Busto Arsizio is the official Italian dealer of the Key-Bar brand

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Key-Bar - Accessorio Moschettone KeyBiner in titanio - KB

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  • Key-Bar - Accessorio Moschettone KeyBiner in titanio - KB
  • Key-Bar - Accessorio Moschettone KeyBiner in titanio - KB
  • Key-Bar - Accessorio Moschettone KeyBiner in titanio - KB
  • Key-Bar - Accessorio Moschettone KeyBiner in titanio - KB


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Marke Key-Bar
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Griffmaterial Titan
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Present uses PM - Apri bottiglie, PM - Cacciavite piatto piccolo
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