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Harry Potter - Mappa del Malandrino NN7888

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Faithful reproduction of the Marauder's Map taken from the Harry Potter saga .
Made in parchment paper .

It 'a product officially licensed Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The Marauder's Map ( Marauder 's Map ) is a map created by the group they belonged to James Potter ( Harry's father , " Prongs " - the original English Prongs ) , Sirius Black ( Harry's godfather , " Fleeced " - Padfoot ) Remus Lupin ( " Moony " - Moony ) and Peter Pettigrew (Peter Pettigrew " Wormtail " - Wormtail ) .

The name of the Marauder's Map is representative of the fact that , within the exploits of Harry Potter , is used by the four ready to mess up the colors .

The map appearance may seem like a simple sheet of parchment , but if you utter the words " I do solemnly swear not to have good intentions," is a map that represents the whole Hogwarts, including the secret passages that lead to Hogsmeade and information on how to open them .
The map is also able to locate anyone at Hogwarts and of showing in real time the movements .
Eventually, when used with the words : " Mischief " , the map disappears and returns to look like a harmless piece of parchment white .
This trick prevents to use it to those who do not know the secret , but was nevertheless confiscated by Filch that he must have understood vaguely what it was .

The twins Fred and George Weasley are in the office and steal, and of these only the third year , after having learned it by heart, regaleranno to Harry Potter , to allow him to visit Hogsmeade (for which was not allowed ) .
In this same book , Professor Snape finds the map in Harry's possession and tries to learn their secrets , but this responds insulting .
However, this is not surprising , since the creators of the map Snape hated by boys. Even after seeing him Lupin asked to borrow . Snape , however, insists to commandeer the map , sostendendo that contains black magic , but more likely because he recognized the nicknames of his "enemies" at school .
In the sixth book , however, is to find out the Marauder's Map does not show the room in the necessity, which is ' mysteriously ' hidden , since it is indisegnabile , because it appears only when necessary and changes in size and shape according to the usage needed.

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Harry Potter - Mappa del Malandrino

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  • Harry Potter - Mappa del Malandrino
  • Harry Potter - Mappa del Malandrino


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Beschreibung HARRY POTTER, characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR. (S10)

Harry Potter è una serie di romanzi fantasy suddivisa in sette volumi, ideata dalla scrittrice J. K. Rowling all'inizio degli anni novanta e concretizzata tra il 1997 e il 2007.

L'opera, ambientata nell'Inghilterra degli anni novanta, descrive le avventure di Harry Potter e dei suoi migliori amici, Ronald Weasley e Hermione Granger.
L'ambientazione principale è la Scuola di Magia e Stregoneria di Hogwarts, dove vengono educati i giovani maghi del Regno Unito e non solo.

Harry Potter è esploso nel 1997 come fenomeno letterario in Inghilterra, dove in quell'anno usciva col titolo Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Nel 1998 il successo attraversa la Manica e si propaga per il mondo. Solo in Italia il primo libro della serie, Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale, fu pubblicato con una tiratura iniziale di 20.000 copie.

Vince nel dicembre dello stesso anno il Premio Cento, riconoscimento dedicato alla letteratura per ragazzi.

La Warner Bros. acquista i diritti per un film e nel novembre 2001 l'omonimo Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale conquista i cinema di tutto il mondo.

In soli 11 anni (1997-2008), l'intera serie ha venduto un totale di 480 milioni di copie.

I libri sono stati tradotti in 73 lingue tra cui il latino e il greco antico.

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