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Global - GS21-10 - Schöpf 24cm . - Küchenmesser

Item n. GS21-10

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Global - GS21 -10 - Spatula 24cm . - Kitchen knife Spatula for cooking and serving omelets , wraps, crepes and distribute sauces or ingredients on -course and desserts. Use: Spatula Blade Length : 24 cm . Total Length : 39 Japanese knives GLOBAL are preferred by chefs in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in the world . The first GLOBAL knife was designed in 1985 by Komin Yamada , who gave the knife he created a revolutionary new design . The main characteristics of GLOBAL knives are: - Lightweight: GLOBAL was the first company worldwide to achieve a steel knife blank in the handle. This feature allows to reduce the weight of the knife 30%. - Handling: thanks to the lightness and the anatomical shape of the handle, the knives GLOBAL lend themselves to continuous and prolonged operating times , thus minimizing user fatigue . - Tenuta thread : GLOBAL knives are made using the best steel and the latest manufacturing techniques . In the blades is present in high percentage Molybdenum / Vanadium thanks to which the hardness of the steel reaches 56/58 Rockwell hardness , thereby increasing the length of the wire. - Robustness : GLOBAL knives being completely in steel (both the handle and the blade ) are virtually indestructible. - Elegance Credits earned by GLOBAL knives : 1990 - Japanese Good Design by MITI 1991 - Selected for International Design Year Book 1992 - Selected as Best Cooks ' Knife in Benelux 1995 - Selected as Best Knife by WHICH Magazine in the UK 1996 - Selected as Sharpest Knife by A LA CARTE Magazine in Germany Global All products we sell are screen printed indelibly with the logo of Collini Cutlery ( see picture) . The CE marking means the buyer to be sure about the quality , traceability , warranty assistance over the years and a future prime product purchased at the Collini Cutlery .

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Global - GS21-10 - Schöpf 24cm . - Küchenmesser

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  • Global - GS21-10 - Spatola 24cm. - coltello cucina
  • Global - GS21-10 - Spatola 24cm. - coltello cucina


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Marke Global
Artikel GS21-10
Übersetzen Sie diese Seite in:
vergünstigte Produkte Nein
Klingenlänge da 20 a 25 cm
Griffmaterial metallische
Klingenmaterial Stahl
Land der Produktion Japan
Kohlenstoff-Stahl Nein
Edelstahl Cromova18
designer Nein
EAN Nein
Rarität Nein
Materialien und Oberflächen 8
Stahlqualität 8
Stärke 7
Praktikabilität 8
Ästhetik 8
Qualität / Preis 7


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