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Artigianale Giapponese - Bonsai - Forbici defogliatrici Onhasami - No542

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Handcrafted in Japan, near Osaka, are made with the same procedures with which they were produced more than 500 years ago.

Compact, very quick to use and incredibly robust, these scissors designed specifically for the care and maintenance of Bonsai prove an indispensable tool for ensuring daily defoliation control and accuracy during cutting, even in dense foliage. Their conformation rear spring ensures rapid use extreme without straining the user.

The term defoliation is the process of partial or total elimination of the leaves in deciduous species. In addition to reducing the size of the leaves, this technique is also applied to increase the branching inner end on the shaft with the structure already formed.


Steel: Steel Shirogami White Carbon
Blade length: 5.5cm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Total length: 12cm

Maintenance: after use, clean and dry the instrument. Before storing olerare blades with paraffin oil or similar in order to avoid the formation of rust and oxidation

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Artigianale Giapponese - Bonsai - Forbici

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  • Artigianale Giapponese - Bonsai - Forbici
  • Artigianale Giapponese - Bonsai - Forbici


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Artikel 12257
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Kohlenstoff-Stahl Shirogami
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Marke Artigianale Giapponese
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